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What is Mediation

Mediation is transformative

Family Mediation is a safe environment where the Mediator meets with two parties in conflict, on a voluntary basis. By building trust through structured negotiation the parties are empowered to find solutions for various legal issues. Establishing a foundation of communication and achieve effective co-parenting.

Mediation is cost-effective

Mediation is far cheaper process than litigation.

The hourly rates are usually less than attorney’s rates and the parties get the advantage of a Parenting Plan and Voice of the Child feedback within their Mediated divorce.

Mediation is a quicker process

Mediation over 3 consultations with the collaboration of the Attorneys (drafting summons etc.) and social worker (Voice of the child interview and feedback) can be completed in 6 weeks. Meaning the unopposed divorce could be finalised in 3 months.

In an opposed divorce the courts are so overburdened that it may take years for a matter to be heard and to reach a conclusion.

Mediation is a constructive process

Mediation is in essence a structured negotiation being flexible, informal, and meaningful by resolving conflict in a supportive atmosphere.

It is unique because the parties control the outcome of their conflict and as decision-makers are more likely to abide by their settlement.

Mediation is personal and empowering

Mediation empowers you to find solutions for the various legal issues that need to be settled when applying for divorce proceedings. It helps reduce destructive emotions and encourages positive dialogue.

A Presiding officer in a litigation process has never met you and now suddenly has to make a decision based on alleged “facts” and legal arguments

Mediation imposes less negative impact on children: 

Because mediation promotes the positive involvement of both parents in a child’s life, it is helpful in resolving emotional issues in family conflict.

This can influence positively on a child’s adjustment to the divorce. Better equipped to co-parent: During the mediation sessions a parenting plan will be developed. This will include anything the parents need to agree on about their children. Having an effective parenting plan will provide parents with a basis for them to successfully co-parent.
To quote the honorable Judge Brassey - when he made it clear in no uncertain terms in 2008 in the Brownlee v Brownlee case, that “parties must always attempt mediating a matter instead of litigating to their detriment.”

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Marici M Corneli (Jacobsz) is an architect of change in the field of Mediation. She journey’s alongside people in Mediation assisting them in their way forward. Her motto is:

“Let`s get understanding and closure with every successful agreement in every mediation we journey through.” – Marici

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